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Should I stage my home before putting it on the market?

Yes! Staging your home to sell is a best practice in real estate today.

Staging is an integral part to a successful sale. If you want the highest price for your home in the least amount of time, staging is an important element to your sales plan.  It’s simple and cost effective; statistics show that a staged home sells up to 3 times faster than a non-staged home.

Your first assessment should start at your curb. You should ask yourself, “What would a buyer see if they pulled up to the front of the house?” “Would they want to come inside?” The prospects first impression will start at the curb. How do you rate?

When you put your house on the market, you need to shift your mind set from a thinking of this as your home. And shift to this is a house for sale. You will need to divest yourself of your treasures, multiple pictures, books by the bed, small appliances on the countertops, personal items in the shower. Think model home. Model homes are staged to attract the widest range of buyers.

Here are reasons to declutter:

You want buyers to look at your house, not be distracted by stuff

Rooms look larger when they have fewer items

A messy house translates to a home that has not been maintained

To get started, take pictures of your house, starting at the curb and working your way room by room through the house to the back yard. Now view the pictures, what do you notice? Do you want to make an appointment to see the house? If the answer is no, then you need to start decluttering. Why? Because buyers start looking at homes on the internet to see if they want to take the next step and visit. If the pictures are not good, then many prospects will move onto the next listing that has visually appealing pictures. Since you want to sell your house, preparing a picture perfect home has big advantages over others that are for sale.

Here are a few basics:

Start outside:

Trim, mow, edge, weed, mulch, plant floors in the front and back yard

Clean sidewalks, driveway, roof, and house

Move inside:

Deep clean the house

Clean, stretch or replace carpeting

Restore wood floors

Re-paint in neutral colors to appeal to the widest audience

Improve lighting

Remove outdated wallpaper

Stage the furnishings to include interior and exterior living spaces

Clean out closets, attics, cabinets and the garage.

You are moving, so you should start the process now!

Your goal is a home that is clean, spacious, and neat, depersonalize and simplified.

Now take new pictures and see the new and improved home that will sell for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Next call your Realtor and get your house on the market!

Happy Selling!




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